Friday, July 31, 2009

Due to unforeseen circumstances, but ann eats more has moved here. We have truly loved being a part of your lives and thank you to all our loyal readers.

Stay fat!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sophie's Cuban

Today for lunch I met Jim at Sophie's Cuban. They have good cuban sandwiches as well as platters with rice and beans and pork chops and chicken and such. Looks good, but I am always tempted by the sandwiches. I love sandwiches. And a good cuban is hard to find, no?

Jim had a cuban and I had the pork and plantain sandwich with grilled onions. Is anything better than a plantain with crispy, dark edges and a warm, sweet middle? It's like a dessert, but you eat it with dinner.

Furthermore, the green sauce was excellent. Very Important.

Friday Night Ice Cream Sandwiches

Friday, Jim and I went to Rice and Beans on 9th Ave, a brazilian restaurant we've been meaning to try for about a year. I'd have photos, but I ate everything before realizing to take a photo. It was awesome because I ordered the Feijoada (a stew of black beans, with pork loin, sausage, bacon, spare ribs, and cubed beef). It came with collard greens, rice, farofa (roasted yucca flour), orange slices, and hot sauce. Damn, I really wish I took a photo. Here's a generic one instead:

After dinner, we decided to get ice cream and go home, but I decided I'd mix it up and buy cookies to make ice cream sandwiches! Again, it was awesome. I think Ciao Bella has great flavors, but I'd like to see an ice cream manufacturer put out some really interesting flavor like salted caramel or olive oil or bacon, even. If you haven't had any of these kinds of ice creams, run out and try to find them RIGHT NOW. You are missing out. Don't be scared of these new flavors you chicken.

We bought Tate's cookies beacuse they're really crispy but still a tiny bit chewy. Also, because we always buy Tate's. (unless there are Peanut Butter Newman O's around)

PS. the secret to a good homemade ice cream sandwich is to let it sit for for a minute or two so the melt-y ice cream is soaked up by the cookie.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Boi to go bahn mi for lunch

Today, I took and extra long lunch with the ladies. I bought my banh mi at Boi To Go with extra daikon, cilantro and sriracha. I had one yesterday and it was so awesome, I needed another one to add on this blog.

In case you don't know, banh mi is a vietnamese sandwich with pate, vitenamese ham, julienned daikon(moo) and carrots, and cilantro on a wonderfully crusty baguette. It's kinda the cool cheap eat in the city right now. People are sort of freaking out and punching themselves in the face arguing about where to get the best cheapest one.

People complain a lot about how this one is $8 and it has avocado, and REAL banh mi is like $3 and 'wtf is avocado doing on my sandwich'? But if you work in midtown, are you really going to haul ass to Chinatown on your lunch hour to save $4? Furthermore, I am of the opinion that avocado is welcome on all my sandwiches.

You know you want this Kevin Rhee.

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